Many people suffer from discomfort with the temporomandibular joint.


These often manifest themselves in very different ways, sometimes as pain in the temporomandibular joint, general headaches, cracking/grating in the temporomandibular joint or even tension in the chewing or neck muscles.

In the case of this clinical picture, whose many manifestations are summarised under the term CMD (craniomandibular dysfunction), a precise analysis of your temporomandibular joint and your chewing muscles must be carried out. We also carry out a short orthopaedic screening, which we will expand on in an interdisciplinary way in cooperation with an orthopaedic surgeon if the first screening shows evidence of malposition. Translated with (free version)

We will also ask you many questions and look at the whole person, not just your head.

According to the results of your individual analysis and the latest standards according to the German Society for Functional Diagnostics and Therapy (DGFDT), we then create a functional therapy splint for you.

We use a muscle relaxation method (Tens dental) to support the splint therapy. We also work closely with physiotherapists for manual therapy and an ostheopathy practice to achieve the maximum benefit for you.

If you have any questions about this treatment, you are always welcome to make an appointment for a consultation in our practice.

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